Naperville Music Academy Hall of Fame

We honor the talented and diligent NMA students who completed the entire program and passed the highest level of the exams offered at NMA.

     1. Achievement in Music - AIM Exams (also known as Illinois State Exams)
         - piano (12 levels)
         - voice (8 levels)
         - strings (10 levels)
     2. NMA Annual Exams for guitar, drums, piano and voice – 10 levels each.
     3. National Music Theory Honor Roll Exams – 7 levels.
Ms Akshara Gunda, NMA Hall of Fame member from 2020


1. AKSHARA GUNDA, NMA Hall of Fame member from 2020

Completed the highest level of AIM Voice Exams.

Student of Dr. Sonja Mihelcic