Guitar, Bass, Drums and Ukulele Teachers
Jake Foland

Mr. Jake Foland: Guitar ($33), Drums ($33)


Jake Foland is a 26 year old musician, and has been playing his whole life. Coming from a musical family, Jake taught himself how to play the drums and guitar at a young age. Jake has also studied under various teachers on various instruments at various times, which included attending music school to attain more technical knowledge of the art. He mainly studied theory and composition, as well as piano, percussion, and voice. With the healthy balance of passion and technicality, Jake Foland always puts on an outstanding performance. Jake also has several years of teaching experience, with a mindset focused on providing the best musical education for each student, tailored to their individual needs.

Andrew Ryan

Mr. Andrew Ryan: Guitar ($30), Drums ($30)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Andrew Ryan is a multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore, MD, who is currently studying music. He has been a part of several jazz, funk, and RnB groups in Baltimore, Boston, and Chicago. Growing up Andrew studied under Peter Hazzard of Berklee College of Music. With over 10 years of experience of playing drum set, bass, guitar, and piano, Andrew wants to help students progress through their musical journey.

Matt Kavanaugh

Mr. Matt Kavanaugh: Guitar ($33), Ukulele($30),
Bass ($33), Drums ($33)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Matt Kavanaugh is a multi instrumentalist from Naperville, Il who has been playing, studying, and performing music throughout the last 15 years.. In 2017, he graduated from Elmhurst College, where he studied guitar with Frank Portolese, Mike Pinto, and Neal Alger, and piano with Frank Caruso and Mark Streder.
Matt is currently working towards a graduate degree from Northern Illinois University, studying under Fareed Haque. Matt can be currently found playing around the Chicagoland area in various jazz, rock, and pop groups. His teaching experience ranges from students ages 5-70, and in all genres. His teaching philosophy focuses on each individual student, their musical interests, music fundamentals, and enjoying your musical journey at your own pace!

Josh Hylland

Mr. Josh Hylland: Guitar ($33), Bass ($33),
Drums ($33)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Josh Hylland has been a member of NMA faculty for 3 years now teaching piano, guitar, and drums. He is a member of Music Teacher National Association, and of Naperville Chapter ISMTA, and is active in preparing his piano students for IL State Piano Exam. He also created the curriculum for NMA Merit Certificate Exam in drums. In addition, Josh’s students had great success at IMA Competition in the previous years, many of whom brought home trophies, placing among the top 3 competitors in their class.
Josh started his musical journey playing percussion in middle school band, and enrolling in choir shortly thereafter. He has been a dedicated musician since picking up the guitar at age 12, and eventually began taking lessons from local musicians. Prior to legal driving age, Josh had already begun giving lessons to family acquaintances as well as a few friends from school, and in doing so discovered a new type of joy, teaching music to others. Since then he has continued to seek out eager students, giving lessons out of home and thoroughly exploring every musical opportunity he saw, as well as every instrument he could get his hands on. Since graduating high school he studied music theory as well as jazz guitar and piano at Waubonsee Community College before moving on to play bass guitar in a band fronted by former Buddy Guy guitarist, Frank Blinkal for two years. Since then he has played live and in studios with various acts in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Josh continues his search for new musical endeavors, and always strives to help students take the next step.